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The acoustic side.

Here at Grant's Emporium I have for sale a collection of used, collectable, playable electric guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolines, ukuleles, banjolines, old zithers, autoharps and lots of other old, sometimes new, interesting collectable instruments, even "singing bowls" from Tibet!!

All these instruments have been collected by me, restored where needed and put back in a playable condition. Also, I usually have in stock a selection of guitar, ukulele, mandoline strings for sale. Contact me to see if I have what you want!




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A few of the electrics.

The description of the instruments are mostly in French! I'm working on this! Please contact me if you want further information on any instrument that you might be interested in.

I use 'Collisimo" the French postal service (with insurance in case of damage in transit). All instruments will be well packed. Once again please contact me for the correct postal charges for your location.

Or you're welcome to pick it up in person.

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